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Aniket Modal | Bengal School of Photography
About Mentor

Aniket Modak

Born and brought up in Jalpaiguri, he never wanted to run the rat race and kill the creative person lurking within him. He wanted to follow his dreams of learning photography and he started his journey of photography in Kolkata. He received plenty of national and international award and recognitions in photography. He is the founder member of "Jalpaiguri Photographic Association", a photography club in Jalpaiguri, and also holds a prestigious position in it. He is also the owner of "Bagpackers".

He attended many national and international workshops and acted as a faculty member in many prestigious photography institutes. He also worked as a commercial photographer in many photography magazines.

A wanderer by nature and photographer by profession, he established "Bagpackers" and now he conducts guided photo-tours in different parts of India.

He was continuously requested by many amateur photographers and members of photography clubs to open an institute of photography. Keeping in mind his motto to do something for Jalpaiguri, he established Bengal School of Photography to provide technical and professional help to the dedicated learners of photography.